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Manufacturers' Sales Representative

Since 1964 we have been a manufacturers sales representative of some of the leading mechanical equipment companies to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. We cover England, Ireland, Northern Ireland , Scotland and Wales for most of our Principals.  We serve most of the refineries & offshore operators and engineering contractors working globally for both onshore and offshore projects.   

Serving our industry

If your plant or project requires pressure vessels, tanks, columns, separators, reactors, shell & tube heat exchangers, air cooled heat exchangers, plate & frame heat exchangers, hairpin, double pipe & multitube heat exchangers, line & suction heaters, tank heaters, vertical bayonet vaporizers, flares, thermal oxidizers, burners, offshore cranes, filters, metering, fuel gas systems, water bath heaters, transformers & switchgear, expansion joints, mechanical blinds, silos & blenders, geodesic aluminium dome roofing systems, centrifugal pumps or modularized structures - Call Us Now on 020 8313 1235.