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D'Hondt Thermal Solutions

On site diagnostics, thermal review and spares for air cooled heat exchangers.


Revamping studies and spares for fired heaters.

Brown Fintube France

Replacement tube bundles for double pipe and hairpin heat exchangers. Replacement finned tube tank heaters.

Fives Nordon

Inspection of expansion joints and repair of bellows on site. Pipework design for catalytic cracking units.

Villa Scambiatori

Replacement shell & tube heat exchanger bundles.

Onis - Quick Action Line Blinds

Mechanical blinds to save time and reduce plant & machinery downtime.

Arsopi Thermal

Replacement of plate packs for plate & frame heat exchangers.

World Bridge Industrial Company

Replacement of aluminium dome roofing systems for oil storage tanks.


Replacement of mixers and agitators for tanks and reactors

Jeumont Electric

Replacement of high voltage motors and generators both onshore and offshore.

Kenz Cranes

Mechanical and electrical repair, refurbishment & service of offshore, quayside and floating cranes.